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About Heutink



For over a century, Heutink has been speaking the language of its target audience. The Netherlands-based family business was founded by Reinier Willem Heutink in 1911. Initially, the focus was on selling bibles and books, but entrepreneurial spirit and ambition soon saw the range of available products expand. Heutink started supplying notebooks, ink, pencils, chalks, blackboards, clay and other educational materials. And in 1912 the first school was equiped. This was the start of a successful formula. The goal: the safe and optimal development of children worldwide. His son Bertus, shared Reinier Willem’s passion and enthusiasm. He started working in the company in 1957 and under his wings, Heutink became the Dutch market leader for sales of school materials. Today, it is a successful international business and an authority in the field of educational materials. For the last 15+ years, the third generation of the Heutink family, Jessica Heutink and son in law Henk Fokke, form the board of Heutink. Today Heutink is a succesfull worldwide operation and leading authority in eductionals materials. We believe in the natural development of children and wants to contribute to that in any way it can. Collaborating with people who share our passion for education is just one of the ways we hope to achieve our goals. After all, growing isn't something you do alone.

Heutink Brands

Nienhuis Montessori

AMI approved Montessori materials. Nienhuis Montessori materials harness children's natural interests. The focus on one educational objective leads to maximum concentration. Individual control creates independence. The use of bright colours and shapes entice activity and makes learning fun. Children can work individually in a natural and stress-free environment.


Children learn and develop through play. Educo's materials are designed to help young children to acquire important skills in a natural way and to understand the world around them.


Jegro offers a range of educational materials which seamlessly complement the methods used in schools. The materials require active and physical participation.

Arts & Crafts

The extensive range of Arts & Crafts materials allows children of all ages and ability to be creative, use their imagination, and explore their artistic potential.